Between art and design

Gabriel graduated in Interior Architecture and Design in Paris and in Art at the National Academy of New York. He is fascinated and inspired by Nature, especially by the underwater world, just like his maternal grandmother who used to sculpt with the same clay and engrave with the same lithographic press. Very sensitive to the environment that surrounds him, Gabriel uses noble materials and incorporates vegetation and light in all his projects.


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made to measure

a know-how

I am sensitive to each of the steps it takes to arrive at a finished work.
In sculpture, the DNA of the hand is omnipresent and allows a movement to appear, an organic side.
These unique, adaptable and multi-functional pieces are entirely hand-made, without a lathe.
In lithography, the hand acts as a printer; each movement with the sponge will allow the oil-based ink to penetrate the paper. I transfer my photos through a long manual process. Once the photo is treated (water, gum arabic, ink) the press will allow the transfer on the chosen support (paper, fabrics, wood...)

my work

the devices

In a world where we tire of everything very quickly, in a world where ephemeral moments with those we love are the most beautiful, it is in the verticality that most of Gabriel's projects come to life. The interpretation of fire through his Flames (#RoomOnFireProject) as well as the underwater world with its Corals and Algae are a recurring theme (#TheCoralProject and #TheAlgaeProject). These adaptable devices allow the user to appropriate the object according to the seasons, his moods and his tastes.
From digital photos to wood prints, photos from all over the world are transferred onto this unusual "living canvas", wood. Animals, landscapes, textures, these lithographs can also be an integral part of a piece of furniture (table, coffee table etc..) or a decorative wall panel.

Upcoming exhibitions

Art3F International Contemporary Art Fair - Brussels Expo Heysel - November 2023 - Palais 1

Animal Art Paris November 2023 - Hippodrome d'Auteuil - stand 42

Maison & Objet Paris 07-11September 2023 - Hall 8 - E79