Gabriel Beghi

Gabriel Beghi graduated in Interior Architecture and Design in Paris (LISAA - 2014) as well as from the National Academy of Art and Design in New York (2018).
He draws his inspiration from Nature, especially the underwater world. He wished to return to his roots in the Bordeaux region to set up his studio. His grandmother, originally from the Médoc, was a painter, engraver and sculptor. He obviously inherited this gift and passion. Today he uses the same clay (Médoc sandstone) to shape most of his pieces. He also uses the same lithographic press to print his own photos on wood. Between art and design, Gabriel sculpts the clay and shapes his unique pieces entirely by hand. He prints the beauty of the world on wood.
His know-how and the exclusive dimension of his work drive him. The idea of multi-functionality is omnipresent in his aesthetic approach.
His devices must be able to adapt to indoor and outdoor spaces, to the seasons, to the tastes and emotions of each of us.