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The Coral Project

#TheCoralProject is a logical continuation, open to the sky, this device explodes and offers more functionality, like a seed that has sprouted. This project was born in 2016 in the United States when technical problems were encountered during the large-scale design of the #RoomOnFireProject.
This lamp, candle holder, planter and vase comes straight from the underwater world. Versatile, organic, these Corals are entirely hand carved. This object of art and design is adaptable and multifunctional according to the seasons and the tastes of everyone. It can be declined in different forms and accommodate plants, flowers, an aroma diffuser, fruits, jewels or even a bulb or candles. To do this, these unique clay sculptures, entirely hand-made, are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. My hands are like the current that carves and shapes the coral reefs...