This project has two proportions:

Fine Algae2

Fine seaweed

Algae Large2

Flared seaweed

Most of the glazes I use are Medocan stoneware, they make their own unique and natural colours. Most of them are fired in a gas kiln. A gas kiln means oxygen variation, and oxygen variation means colour variation. Each reference can be produced lighter or darker according to the customer's wishes. To be specified when requesting a quote.

Natural colours

Gres Medocain

Medocan stoneware - Salt firing - Firing temperature : 1280 °C

Tile Spain

Spanish earthenware - Firing temperature: 1050 °C

Tile Spain 2

Spanish earthenware - Firing temperature: 1050 °C

Colour palette


This device is above all a candleholder, its flowing wax gives it a second skin and shows the passing of time. It can also be used as a vase or flowerpot.

Customised quotation
How to do it


A unique experience

Made to measure


Unlimited variations

A Lecoute


Special attention



Natural materials