This project presents two opening proposals:

Aromatic Tree Medium Cavities

small openings

Aromatic Tree Cavites Large

large openings

Most of the glazes I use are Medocan stoneware, they make their own unique and natural colours. Most of them are fired in a gas kiln. A gas kiln means oxygen variation, and oxygen variation means colour variation. Each reference can be produced lighter or darker according to the customer's wishes. To be specified when requesting a quote.
For this project, I recommend natural/glazed Médoc stoneware or brown Spanish earthenware.

Natural colours

Gres Medocain

Médoc sandstone - Salt firing - Firing temperature: 1280 °C

Tile Spain

Spanish earthenware - Firing temperature: 1050 °C

Tile Spain 2

Spanish earthenware - Firing temperature: 1050 °C

Colour palette


This device is a vertical garden that can be composed of larger or smaller openings depending on the size of the plants you want to grow. Aromats or succulents...

Customised quotation
How to do it


A unique experience

Made to measure


Unlimited variations

A Lecoute


Special attention



Natural materials